Artist Preservation Group (APG)

The Artist Preservation Group (APG) is a group of committed people based in the USA who are using their talents to preserve their heritage.


The Artist Preservation Group Mission Statement reads as follows:-


'The Artist Preservation Group is a gathering of like-minded historical artists whose mission is to generate capital, through fundraising and donations, to aide in the preservation and restoration of  threatened historical sites and/or artifacts.


We are committed to using our artistic talents to actively support historical sites as they continue their dedication to the preservation, restoration, and interpretation of events that shaped history'


I have decided to help by making the excellent busts available in the UK & elsewhere for those people who would like to buy them. In doing so, I want to state that I am doing this on a totally non-profit making basis & that I will not make any money from this - I am happy to help the APG in this way.


APG are also running a raffle at the minute - PLEASE have a look at:-


The busts are all by Matta Springer whose work is well known from the Michael Miniatures range, as well as the work he does with Pegaso. If you have any questions, then please do not hesitate to contact me on [email protected]



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